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Chocabolic Review: A game changer in its own right

chocabolic review

When we first heard about UPS Protein’s Chocabolic, even when we found out that it’s a protein bar, we didn’t expect much from it. To be fair we hadn’t actually seen the bar itself until we tried it, either way we assumed it was just going to be another average protein bar. We did finally get our hands on the product at this year’s Arnold Classic Australia in Melbourne, which immediately changed everything.

The big catch with UPS Chocabolic is that it’s promoted as a chocolate bar, not a protein bar. While you may be thinking that’s probably just a description of its taste, we can confirm that isn’t exactly the case. Chocabolic is in fact a chocolate bar in every way it can, being a solid 12 piece block of chocolate. As soon as you unwrap it and hold it in your hands, it’s almost impossible to believe that you’re holding almost 18g of protein, with around the same amount of fat, all totaling less than 200 calories.

chocabolic review

As unbelievable as Chocabolic is to hold in your hands, and knowing all of its macros, it’ll blow your mind even more when you bite into it. The bar itself is just as solid as your typical sugar filled block of chocolate, and also like a chocolate block it melts away in your mouth as soon as you bite into it. The consistency of Chocabolic is almost identical to that of the real thing, as your teeth sink right into it with the bar quickly turning into a rich chocolate cream as you chew and swallow.

The flavor itself is absolutely incredible and is really what seals the deal on Chocabolic being a true high protein chocolate bar. As soon as it gets into your mouth it does indeed melt away and turn into a delicious chocolate cream. Its texture is a little bit different compared to regular chocolate, more like a chocolate mousse, but at no point do you ever think that what you’re eating is technically a protein bar.

chocabolic review

A great product wouldn’t be without a downside, which Chocabolic does have. Strangely enough it’s actually the fact that you can’t eat too many too close together. Even if its macros fit your diet you are limited on how many Chocabolics you can have in a day as it is made up of a lot of maltitol (fiber). The label itself warns users that “excessive consumption may have a laxative effect”. That warning is definitely needed although everyone will have their own limit. We found things got a little uncomfortable after having two or three, although some found one was more than enough.

Chocabolic a truly unique product

While we aren’t big fans of the phrase “game changer”, that is essentially what Chocabolic is. It’s not a product that offers unique benefits or different effects like a game changing pre-workout, it’s an entirely new take on a category where we see a lot of the same thing. UPS Protein has really done something amazing with Chocabolic, as it is a truly unique product and has completely changed what we’ve come to expect from the protein bar market.

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