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Cygen Labs teaser hints at a capsule weight loss supplement


Cygen Labs recently introduced its testosterone boosting formula Titan Test, re-entering into a category it hasn’t been in for quite some time. The brand has now started teasing its next new supplement, that while we don’t have any information on just yet we’re fairly certain is a weight loss product. It is the fiery theme of Cygen’s first teaser that has us thinking the mystery supplement is a fat burner, which is in fact a category it’s already in.

If we are correct about Cygen’s upcoming product being a weight loss solution, then there are really only three outcomes we can think of for it. Firstly the supplement could be a capsule version of Tru-Trim, the brand’s current flavored fat burner. Secondly it could actually be a replacement for Tru-Trim, and finally it could also be an entirely new entry into the category and be available alongside Tru-Trim.

What ever the product turns out to be, the one thing we know for sure is that Cygen Labs fans are in for something new very soon. While the brand’s teaser does point at the mystery item being some kind weight loss formula, as mentioned that still leaves us with a lot of possibilities and questions.

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