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DVST8 White Cut Review: Inspired delivers with a powerful and complete pre-workout

dvst8 white cut review

When Inspired Nutraceuticals announced DVST8 White Cut we were more than excited to try the true follow up to its original DVST8 Black Diamond Reserve. For those that missed it or don’t remember we did actually review the first DVST8, however we weren’t able to rank it as around the time we posted our review the brand reformulated. It had to take out AMP citrate meaning our review didn’t reflect what was on shelves. This time we’ve got our DVST8 White Cut review together right in line with its release, and are even more excited as the sequel is in fact better than the original.

When it comes to pre-workouts we always favor the formulas that deliver in all areas. That usually means intense energy, tunnel vision focus, muscle popping pump and enhanced performance. Very few supplements actually manage this, with most top competitors doing exceptionally well in two or three areas. Inspired’s DVST8 White Cut is definitely one of those rare pre-workouts that doesn’t just come through with a range of effects, but it has them all at incredible levels.

Perfect between 1.5 to 2 scoops

Before we get into how the product performs in a workout we will quickly go over dosing. Most of the time we tend to prefer the maximum amount recommended for a pre-workout, although with DVST8 White Cut that’s not necessarily the case. For us we didn’t find too much of a difference between one and a half and two scoops. The kick gets better as you get closer to the maximum of two but you won’t likely be disappointed with any amount in that one and a half to two range.

In the zone right from the beginning

Like most pre-workouts the energy kick is where it starts with DVST8 White Cut, which is a surprise as it’s not something we’ve come to expect from DMHA infused supplements. Either way it hits the usual 10 to 20 minutes after taking it, with the energy also bringing with it a strong dose of focus. The two almost come over you at the same time, and make for an extremely great feeling on your way to the gym. The combination gets you in the zone and energized before you even touch a weight, having you 100% ready right from the start.

dvst8 white cut review

When you start lifting the two major effects don’t build or get overly stronger. The energy and focus get maybe a little bit better, but the fact that they don’t change much certainly isn’t a bad thing. Very few pre-workouts manage to hold on to that energy kick and early level of focus when they’re strong, where as DVST8 White Cut keeps them at a powerful level from start to finish. The two eye-opening effects will have you just as energized and focused on the last set as they do on your first.

Powerfully painful pump

The next highlight in DVST8 White Cut is one we don’t typically see done well when energy and focus are. The effect we’re talking about is pump, which Inspired’s pre-workout has at an incredible amount. If we had to describe the product’s pump in as few words as possible we’d say powerfully painful. By that we mean the supplement gets you pumped fairly quickly and with the energy and focus pushing you to your limit, you’re forced to go beyond what you’re used to with an enhanced pump making each and every rep more painful, but of course still enjoyable.

The pump itself is a bit of a dense, hard feeling. It doesn’t exactly blow you up like some stimulant free pre-workouts, it sits somewhere in the middle of the two types. DVST8 White Cut’s pump is a combination of hard and full, that as mentioned thanks to all of the product’s other effects is powerfully painful, but extremely fulfilling.

Bar raising performance

The last effect we have to bring up is performance, which is sometimes a difficult one to explain. For us it’s relatively straightforward, do you perform better reps and weight wise? While it may sound like DVST8 White Cut does already have a lot going when you workout, you can count on it for an increase in performance. As strong as the energy and focus is, and as enjoyable as the pump is, you will also notice you can knock out an impressive workout on DVST8 White Cut.

dvst8 white cut review

Warm-ups just seem to be a lot easier to get into, with the same thing to be said even after you’ve warmed up and you’re knocking out 10 to 12 reps on something you’d usually be hoping for 8 to 10. When using DVST8 White Cut we did think it might be the intense and consistent energy and focus that makes it seem like you’re on top of your game, however there was one thing that made it fairly obvious for us. Just like the energy and focus remains strong from start to finish, you’ll notice your performance and endurance does to.

At no point will you find yourself exhausted or out of energy with DVST8 White Cut. Even if you decide to shorten your rest periods the supplement manages to keep your tank fueled, no matter how demanding your workout or big the muscle group your working is. This to us is significantly different from a stimulant powered or energy driven performance where you feel dragged through your workout or exhausted when you try to pick up the pace. With DVST8 White Cut You’re actually able to lift your game weight and rep wise, and maintain that increased level for your entire workout.

Texas Sweet Tea tastes really bad

While it may sound like we have almost nothing bad to say about DVST8 White Cut, it does fall down in one area although this may not be a problem for everyone. Basically we were only fortunate enough to try one of the product’s two flavors, Texas Sweet Tea. In our opinion it is one of the worst tasting pre-workouts out there, but it does somehow grow on you enough to make it bearable.

dvst8 white cut review

The first time we threw it back it was difficult to stomach. By the fourth and fifth trials we were a lot more used to it purely because we knew what was coming. The reason we say this may not be an issue for everyone is because some may actually like Texas Sweet Tea and feel Inspired’s effort tastes similar. Another thing is that you could just grab DVST8 White Cut’s other flavor Peach Sunrise. We don’t know if that’s as bad as Sweet Tea, although to be honest there aren’t many supplements we’ve experienced that come close to it.

Typical tolerance and no crash

One more thing worth mentioning that we’ve found with most DMHA infused pre-workouts if not all of them, is that they tend to build tolerances quicker than normal and they have a bit of a crash. Whether it’s because the stimulant is mixed with a whole bunch of other ingredients or another reason entirely, we didn’t notice either of those things in DVST8 White Cut. We used it as much as three to four times a week and it never really seemed to lose its strength. While the kick did slowly lose its punch, the performance and pump remained impressive. As for a crash we didn’t have any problems post-workout, with the product just gradually fading away.

DVST8 White Cut has very few competitors

If you couldn’t tell by our DVST8 White Cut review, the pre-workout is incredible. It packs a smooth but strong dose of energy with focus to match, a level of pump better than most dedicated pump pre-workouts, and a performance enhancing ability that just completes the package. We could be extremely picky and say the energy could be a bit more intense and the pump slightly fuller, but then again a change to one effect may throw off the entire experience which is already as close to perfect as it needs to be.

As mentioned the Texas Sweet Tea is a horrible flavor, however it is bearable and the supplement’s effectiveness more than makes up for it. We can confidently say there are only a handful of pre-workouts that compete with DVST8 White Cut’s variety of effects, and only a couple that come close to its powerful balance of energy, focus, pump and performance.

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