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Put forward your own ideas for Gamma Labs’ next G Fuel flavor

fan voted g fuel

With so many flavors and options available for its flagship formula G Fuel, it’s no surprise Gamma Labs has been quite creative with its last few launches. We’ve seen more additions to its create your own box feature, the unique recipe Coconut, a caffeine free version, and a little while ago Mystery Flavor G Fuel. The brand is now gearing up for yet another G Fuel that’s going to be just as interesting as its last few.

Instead of actually coming up with the next G Fuel flavor itself, Gamma Labs is in fact asking its fans for suggestions. The promotion is a part of what the brand is calling the Fan Voted G Fuel, which we imagine once it has enough suggestions the brand will then start taking votes on which flavor will be produced. It is certainly a creative way to go and one any body can participate in by simply commenting on Gamma’s #FanVotedGFUEL YouTube video.

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