Full As F*ck formula packed with over 10 different pump ingredients

Mar 14th, 2016
full as fuck

Today 5% Nutrition has done just as it promised, releasing everything you need to know about its latest supplement. As confirmed last week the name of the product is Full As Fuck, which is a stimulant free pre-workout designed to deliver a solid pump. We did also get a first look at the supplement last week confirming two of its ingredients and all of its size details.

The one thing we know everyone has been waiting for is the reveal of Full As Fuck’s formula, which we do of course have for you today and is actually quite packed. In total the pre-workout features 11 transparently dosed ingredients as well as an undetailed electrolyte blend. From heaviest to lightest the Full as Fuck ingredients are 4g of citrulline, 2g taurine, 1g each of AgmaMax agmatine and glycerol monostearate. 650mg of dan-shen extract, half a gram of beet root powder, 250mg each of norvaline and vitamin C, 100mg hesperidin, 30mg niacin and lastly 5mg of BioPerine black pepper.

As you can see 5% Nutrition’s Full As Fuck formula is indeed packed, with every feature included to give you the best pump possible. There is no long list of effects for the product, just the promise of “muscle stretching pumps” and “blood volume expansion”. When it comes to options the brand has given 5%ers four 30 serving flavors to choose from for Full As Fuck with two common recipes in Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry, and two not so common in Wildberry and Pomegranate.

If you are interested in giving Full As Fuck a go, 5% Nutrition has actually launched it today making it available direct from its website in all four flavors. The place to go is 5percentnutrition.com, with the price on the supplement not being too bad at $33.95.

5% Nutrition Full As Fuck

full as fuck

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