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I.AM Nutritionals getting ready to unveil its third supplement


I.AM Nutritionals has announced that a new supplement is about to join its still relatively small family. Just to make things clear it is an entirely new supplement and not another flavor or size for any of the brand’s current competitors. Unfortunately at the moment very few details have been released, with I.AM keeping all the important facts a secret such as the product’s ingredients, type and name.

The details we do know are that the mystery supplement is a powder formula, which like I.AM’s other powder I.Liv will be plant-based and vegan friendly. We also know that it will be coming in three flavors, that based on the teaser image we believe to be Watermelon, Guava Peach or Peach Guava, and Unflavored. While we were thinking the product could be some kind of pre-workout, the menu certainly suggests otherwise as an unflavored pre doesn’t seem likely. It could of course be a stimulant free stackable pre-workout, however that is equally odd as the brand doesn’t offer a regular pre to stack one with.

Luckily for fans of I.AM, we’re not going to be waiting too long to find out all we need to know about the upcoming supplement. The brand is in fact planning on completely unveiling the product sometime tomorrow, and will be making it available on its website four days later on Monday next week.

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