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Nutrabio Organic Plant Protein revealed and coming soon

organic plant protein

Nutrabio has just released an image of the supplement we were taking a few guesses at over the weekend. The latest picture from the brand is obviously unblurred unlike the one we had yesterday, which reveals its official title and gives everything away. The name of the upcoming product is Nutrabio Organic Plant Protein, a gluten and soy free, non-GMO, vegan protein powder.

The supplement has only just been unveiled so it’s no surprise none of its macros have been confirmed, or any details outside of the highlights listed on its tub. It is as you can see in the image above, branded very differently from any of Nutrabio’s other products, with the only other fact we can confirm being that it will be available in at least one flavor with Vanilla.

As soon as more information on Nutrabio Organic Plant Protein comes in, we will be sure to share it. We don’t however imagine seeing any more of this one any time soon as it isn’t expected to be available for another month or two.

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