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4+ Nutrition adds ALA, cinnamon and chromium to make Core ALC

core alc

4+ Nutrition continues its march towards launching seven new supplements over the next few months by finishing off this week with yet another new product. Just three days after the release of Super Food, the Italian brand has introduced a slightly more complex version of its own ALC, called Core ALC. Despite being more complex than ALC this one is still quite a simple formula bringing together a combination of four common ingredients.

The four features making up 4+ Nutrition’s all new Core ALC are 1.246g of acetyl l-carnitine, half a gram of alpha lipoic acid, 100mg cinnamon extract and 500mcg of chromium. Compared to the regular ALC, everything but the carnitine is new to the supplement although even that is at a slightly higher dose per serving.

Like all new 4+ Nutrition products, Core ALC has immediately been added to the brand’s website. There you can read a little more about the simple supplement, and if you’re an Italian fan you can also purchase it for €45, which is just €6 more than the regular ALC.

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