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Anarchy Next Gen officially confirmed at Muscletech’s FIBO booth

anarchy next gen

While Muscletech doesn’t have anything entirely new on display at its FIBO booth, it is promoting some very interesting upcoming supplements in its banners. One of the three new products it’s showing off is something we haven’t actually heard anything about back in the US, and that is Anarchy Next Gen. The supplement is obviously a sequel to the brand’s Performance Series pre-workout, simply known as Anarchy.

Since we only have a shot of Anarchy Next Gen from a poster, we obviously haven’t been given the chance to turn it around and see what’s in it. The preview does confirm at least one ingredient though with a “research-tested dose” of citrulline, which is a feature that’s not in the current Anarchy.

The interesting thing about the official unveiling of Anarchy Next Gen is that we are of course in Europe, so it does make you wonder if the product is exclusive to the area. Our guess is that’s not the case and it’s just been put in a poster with a bunch of other new Muscletech supplements. It does in fact make sense that Anarchy Next Gen has been confirmed, as the brand has already transitioned some of its other big Performance Series products to the Next Gen phase such as Hydroxycut and Amino Build.

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