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Dymatize still confusing us all the way out in Cologne


Dymatize is one of the many major brands in Cologne this weekend for FIBO, although even in this part of the world it’s still leaving us with a lot of questions. At the start of the year you may remember the brand launched the website, where it is giving away tees featuring its new logo. All these months later however, Dymatize has still yet to apply that new logo to its own website or any of its supplements from what we can see.

The reason this confusion has been brought back up again at FIBO is because Dymatize is pushing that logo and look at its booth here. It is still strange in Cologne, as that new branding if that is what it is, has not been applied to any Dymatize products on display. At this point we would’ve expected to see at least a handful of supplements changed or even previewed, as we imagine it will take some time to update the line.

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