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Momentum introduces its first ever fat burner Formula 56

formula 56

Late last year in October Momentum finally added a second supplement to its line up with the very well packed amino formula Amino Beyond. The brand has now added another entirely new product to its collection, which once again enters it into another popular category. The name of the supplement is Formula 56, a relatively low stimulant weight loss solution.

All together Momentum has packed eight ingredients in to its first ever fat burner, each one keeping with the brand’s honest theme and being 100% transparently dosed. The features making up Formula 56 are 600mg of naringin, 250mg each of caffeine and citicoline, 200mg theanine, 100mg hesperidin, and 50mg each of forksolin, hordenine and synephrine. While it as mentioned not overly stimulant dependent the product does still promote increases in energy and focus, as well as help with the usual overall weight loss.

Momentum’s all new Formula 56 has actually been both revealed and released, with the supplement now available for purchase direct from the brand’s website. Like the other two on there, Formula 56 isn’t priced as expensive as you’d expect coming straight from Momentum at $34.95 for a full size 30 serving bottle. To purchase the product simply visit the brand’s official store, where you’ll also find a link to in-depth description on each and every one of its ingredients.

Momentum Nutrition Formula 56

formula 56

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