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Radical Mass now available direct but only in sample form

radical mass

GAT was one of the few brands that brought something entirely new to last month’s Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. The product it was promoting and even selling samples of for $2 was the mass protein formula Radical Mass. We managed to get all the information we needed from one of the samples, as at the time full size bags of it were not available. While that is still the case, it does appear that you can now purchase quite a bit of the supplement direct.

Basically Radical Mass can be picked up from GAT’s website at, where it is technically in stock with two 18 serving flavors to choose from in Chocolate and Vanilla Milkshake. The catch with all of this is that on the site it actually says 10lb bags are not available, only samples. To us that means if you do decide to order you’ll be getting 18 servings in sample packets. We did contact the brand to see if that is the case and have yet to receive a reply, however if it’s not you do have wonder what you’re paying $89.99 for, as that is the price GAT has on Radical Mass.

Update 04/07: GAT has confirmed that the Radical Mass page is just a place holder and that samples, not 10lbs, are the only things available.

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