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ZMAG-T gives GAT’s Essential Series a ZMA formula


Not too long after GAT launched its Essential Series with four different supplements, the line quickly grew out to a total of 10. It now includes a number of common basic formulas such as Creatine, BCAAs and Glutamine, as well as some not so common with Liver Cleanse and Joint Support. GAT has recently revisited its Essential Series and added yet another product to it with ZMAG-T. While it is a ZMA supplement just as its title suggests, the brand has thrown one more ingredient in there.

ZMAG-T features the usual ZMA balance of 450mg magnesium, 30mg zinc and 10.5mg of vitamin B6. As for the one other ingredient in the product GAT has also included 3mg of Albion bororganic glycine, which according to the brand is in there for “musculoskeletal development and hormone support”. Fans of the brand interested in picking up the 11th Essential can actually already do so on the brand’s website, where ZMAG-T is now available for just $11.50.

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