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Hyde V3 will only be available at brick and mortar stores

hyde v3

Just yesterday a sequel was confirmed for Pro Supps’ widely known pre-workout supplement Mr. Hyde, with Hyde V3. The only details we had on the product were that it’s obviously a pre-workout and that it will be coming in at least two 30 serving flavors. As far as formula and supplement details go those are still all we have, although today we do have an update on where and when you’ll be able to get Hyde V3.

Basically unlike most of Pro Supps’ line up, Hyde V3 isn’t going to be available online. It is in fact going to be a brick and mortar exclusive, meaning only physical stores will be stocking it. As for when it is due to be released, Pro Supps fans are actually in for an exciting April as it is expected to be out at the end of this month. The reason that’s exciting is because that’s also Hyde Cutz release time frame, which translates to two new options for Hyde fans by the end of the month.

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