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Hyde V3 carries over ingredients from both Mr. Hyde and Hyde V2

hyde v3

Just over one week since Pro Supps confirmed that Hyde V3 is on the way and that it will be exclusive to brick and mortar supplement stores. The brand has now released everything you need to know about the contents of the sequel pre-workout. Hyde V3 is in fact a combination of the original Mr. Hyde and the second generation Hyde V2, suggesting fans may be somewhat familiar with the experience.

Hyde V3 basically carries over the entire first half of the Mr. Hyde formula. That includes the strength matrix of 2.5g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1g creatine nitrate, 500mg each of citrulline aspartate and AgmaPure agmatine, and the caffeine blend of 300mg caffeine anhydrous, 69mg Infinergy and 50mg of caffeine citrate. As you move down the product’s label you can see more similarities in its intensity matrix with 2mg each of rauwolfia and yohimbe from Mr. Hyde, 100mg swertia chirayita from Hyde V2, and 25mg of the all new feature TeaCrine.

The last blend in Hyde V3 is where you see the biggest difference from Pro Supps. It does have some ingredients fans will be familiar with although it is difficult to tell how similar they are since none of the features are transparently dosed. Making up that final 592mg proprietary is a choline blend of soluble corn fiber and choline bitartrate, citicoline sodium, alpha GPC and GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid).

You can see Hyde V3’s complete list of ingredients down below in its official facts panel. Fans can also expect to see the supplement on shelves very soon as Pro Supps has said it is due to be available later this month. Lastly we do have to mention that Hyde V3 does in fact look exactly like Hyde V2 as you can see above, with the only real difference being its formula. Basically if you want to be sure you’re grabbing the right one when it’s released, simply lookout for the “choline focal matrix” which is something neither Mr. Hyde or Hyde V2 has.

Pro Supps Hyde V3

hyde v3

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