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Muscletech drops a handful of small clues for an upcoming supplement


It appears that Muscletech is getting ready for yet another relatively long build up for yet another new supplement. To kick things off it has released a handful of extremely small and/or vague details, leaving us with absolutely no idea on what it has coming. The first clue is that the product is a capsule formula, which like the others doesn’t really point us in any particular direction.

The next clue is a picture of a corner of the item’s box, confirming that it is obviously coming packaged in a box and that it’s themed with the colors white and green. The one last detail we have is that the supplement doesn’t belong to any of Muscletech’s current series, meaning it will likely bring the start of an all new family for the brand.

As mentioned with only a handful of vague clues released so far, we don’t have any guesses on what the product could be. Regardless we are certainly looking forward to finding out what it is especially since it’s not apart of any of Muscletech’s current supplement lines.

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