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Purus Labs confirms a fifth MyoFeed is on the way


While there are a lot of April Fools’ Day jokes out there today, we do actually have some news from Purus Labs that definitely appears to be more on the serious side. The brand has basically announced that a new flavor for its protein powder MyoFeed is on the way. Since it was released the supplement has in fact only had one more flavor added to its menu with the originals Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Mom’s Strawberry Milkshake, and Homemade Vanilla Wafer being joined by Maple Buttermilk Pancake.

As mentioned Purus Labs has confirmed that another one is on the way, which will make it a total of five flavors for MyoFeed. The only catch is that the brand has yet to reveal what the actual flavor is, leaving us all with just the one clue “think Big”, with emphasis on the “B”. Knowing how fast Purus usually unveils new products we don’t expect to find out what the fifth MyoFeed is for a while, but if you have a guess the brand is running a contest where you could win just by commenting your ideas.

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