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MyProtein adds three new flavors to its MySyrups Series


Following on from MyProtein’s US launch of its creative sugar-free MySyrup Series, introducing three of the five MySyrup flavors in Butterscotch, Chocolate and Maple. The brand has now revealed and released three more entirely new options for the line, taking its menu to a total of eight. The flavors joining the supplement’s list are Coconut & Pineapple, Vanilla and Lemon Sherbet.

Just as it almost always does, MyProtein has immediately launched its latest innovations direct through its website. It is at where you can find any of the three new MySyrups Coconut & Pineapple, Vanilla or Lemon Sherbet, for the usual price of £4.49 for a full 400g bottle. There are no deals available on any of the flavors at the moment, however knowing MyProtein you will likely see them on sale at least once within the next few weeks.

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