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NutriForce adds just three ingredients to PreWOD for Pre 2.0

nutriforce pre 2.0

You may remember at the end of last year, NutriForce Sports confirmed that it had a sequel supplement on the way. It never confirmed what that supplement was, however now five months later it appears details on that sequel have been released. The previously teased product has turned out to be an all new version of the brand’s pre-workout competitor simply named NutriForce Pre 2.0.

As you’d expect the brand has carried over a lot of ingredients from its original PreWOD for Pre 2.0, in fact everything in the original is in the sequel. Unfortunately unlike the more honest pre-workouts out there, neither Pre 2.0 or PreWOD are transparently dosed so we don’t know exactly how similar the shared ingredients are. Regardless, the features consistent from PreWOD to NutriForce Pre 2.0 are creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, tyrosine, taurine, AgmaPure agmatine, beet vulgaris and caffeine.

Obviously NutriForce hasn’t just carried over ingredients for Pre 2.0, although it hasn’t really added a lot with just three more features. The new additions to the pre-workout are betaine, creatine anhydrous, and alpha GPC (l-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine). As mentioned nothing in the supplement is transparently dosed, with all 10 ingredients being split up into two proprietary blends as you can see below.

For now all we have are the product’s details, with nothing about when it will be available. In saying that NutriForce Pre 2.0 has already been added to the brand’s website, however it is only listed and not in stock. When it does eventually launch though fans will have two 25 serving flavors to choose from in Strawberry Lemonade and Coconut Pineapple.

NutriForce Pre 2.0

nutriforce pre 2.0

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