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Oh Yeah Nutrition teases something mysterious but delicious

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Oh Yeah Nutrition has released a teaser video coupled with the words “something amazing is about to happen”. The clip which you can watch for yourself below features some kind of utensil mixing or spreading a thick layer of chocolate around, or possibly even on something. It is obvious that Oh Yeah has something coming very soon, however we don’t know if it’s going to be any kind of product.

While it may very well end up being just that, a new supplement. The fact that Oh Yeah is saying “something amazing is about to happen” instead of “something amazing is coming”, doesn’t quite suggest we’re in for a new product or flavor. At this point our guess is as good as your’s, as even if a new supplement or flavor is coming the chocolate mixing video points us at anything from a chocolate flavored One bar to an Oh Yeah pudding.

Feel free to check out the eight second video for yourself below and see what you think, and of course stay tuned for more as we build up to what ever it is Oh Yeah has planned.

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