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Cannibal Kraken finally gets a 2nd with Strawbloody Cheesecake

Strawbloody cheesecake cannibal kraken

Just yesterday Chaos and Pain launched an all new version of its more stimulant powered pre-workout Cannibal Ferox AMPed. Much to our surprise that isn’t all the brand has released this weekend, as it has also introduced a new flavor for one of its protein powders. The largest one of its three is the supplement getting the new option, the 100% whey formula Cannibal Kraken.

Previously Chaos and Pain had just the one flavor available for the product with its chocolate recipe Carnivorous Chocolate. That has now been joined by a second, seeing the brand add Strawbloody Cheesecake to the Cannibal Kraken menu.

If you caught yesterday’s post on Cannibal Ferox AMPed you will remember that Chaos and Pain did launch the product with an introductory deal. For those that didn’t see the post, the deal is get 25% off the DMHA infused pre-workout using the coupon “AMPed25”. As it turns out you can use that coupon for anything on the brand’s website, which means you can also celebrate the release of Strawbloody Cheesecake Cannibal Kraken with 25% off with dropping it to $52.49 for 5lbs.

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