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Thermal Black likely to be Muscle Sport’s 2nd Black Series supplement

muscle sport

Muscle Sport has just released a teaser featuring what appears to be its second Black Series supplement. The first was of course introduced last year with Rhino Black, which is a much more packed version of its pre-workout Rhino Revolution. We imagine the product the brand has started teasing will have a similar story, however we don’t yet know what it is a more intense version of.

The only clues that we get from Muscle Sport’s teaser about what type of supplement we’re looking at, is that it says “the heat is coming” and the product comes in capsule form. While we can never be 100% certain until the brand confirms it, we get the feeling that fans are in for a Black Series fat burner. If that is the case the supplement is probably Thermal Black, although as mentioned we won’t be 100% certain until all is revealed.

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