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Everything you need to know about Unstoppable V2 now available

unstoppable v2

After weeks and weeks of teasing, Dedicated Nutrition has finally released the full label for its highly anticipated sequel pre-workout Unstoppable V2. Last time we checked in with the supplement there were 10 ingredients confirmed, leaving what we thought to be two to come. The release of Unstoppable V2’s label has revealed what those two are, as well as another ingredient in the mix meaning the product has a total of 12.

Before we go in to what the last three features are, we’ll quickly run through the previously confirmed 10. In facts panel order they are 1.5g of betaine nitrate, a gram each of n-carbamylglutamate and HydroMax glycerol, 200mg each of Adreno-Pump (selaginella) and Euphoria-Stim (longan fruit). 175mg of caffeine, 150mg EPO-Drol (rhodiola), 100mg TeaCrine theacrine, 75mg Legendary Lancelot (thermopsis lancelota) and 50mg of dicaffeine malate. The three remaining ingredients joining that already packed out list are 50mg each of vitamin C and AstraGin, and 25mg of Cocoa-Drol (cocoa flavonoid extract).

If you’ve been following the story of Unstoppable V2, or actually got to try the original. It’ll come as no surprise that Dedicated promises to deliver every effect a pre-workout can with its new 13 ingredient formula. From energy and pump to performance and focus, the updated Unstoppable is expected to have it all, which if it does it will likely hold on to its #1 spot on our top 10 list.

All we have left to do now is wait for the official launch of the supplement, which is going down in exactly four days time at FIBO in Cologne, Germany. Also if you’d like to read a full description of each of Unstoppable V2’s ingredients, the pre-workout is now listed on Dedicated’s website where you’ll find just that.

Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable V2

unstoppable v2

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