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VasoMax promising a lot of pump as well as a fair bit of focus


Performax Labs has just unveiled the formula behind its upcoming stimulant free pump formula VasoMax. The product was originally introduced a couple of weeks ago when the brand released a preview, confirming a handful of its highlights. We’ve now got all of its contents details revealing a few transparently dosed pump ingredients as well as a pump and focus proprietary blend.

As promised Performax Labs’ VasoMax is a stimulant free supplement featuring a total of 10 ingredients, seven of those being wrapped up in proprietaries. The transparently dosed features are a gram of KNO3 (potassium nitrate), 10mg GSNO (s-nitrosoglutathione), and 250mg of vitamin C. Moving on to the two blends, the first is a 3g combination of glycerol powder, and sodium and potassium glycerophosphate. The other proprietary is a 350mg blend of alpha GPC, selaginella tamariscina (90% amentoflavone), rutaecarpine and huperzine-A.

The big surprise here is that Performax Labs has included a fair bit of focus in VasoMax. While we did know the effect was going to be involved, we didn’t think it was going to be by as much as it is. Either way we can now look forward to the next obvious step from the brand, the launch of VasoMax, which is expected to go down sometime in the next few weeks.

Performax Labs VasoMax


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