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4+ Nutrition rebrands and reflavors Total Recall as BCAA+G


The last time we checked in with 4+ Nutrition it was teasing a powder supplement that we’re almost certain is going to be a highly branched cyclic dextrin formula called HBCD+. This week instead of actually unveiling that one the Italian brand has indeed gone and introduced another product that isn’t quite as new as it may seem. The latest item to be launched by 4+ is called BCAA+G, which features a formula fans might be familiar with.

4+ Nutrition’s BCAA+G is made up of two main ingredients, 5g of BCAAs at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio and 5g of glutamine. If that combination sounds at all familiar that is because it is exactly what’s in the previously black branded supplement Total Recall. 4+ has simply rebranded the product as BCAA+G and replaced its old flavor Melon with Tutti Frutti. As always the brand has immediately launched its latest, making it available direct on its main website for €39 a tub.

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