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4+ Nutrition unveils its 9 flavor calorie free Zero Syrup

zero syrup

So far 4+ Nutrition has introduced fairly straightforward formulas on its way to releasing a total of seven entirely new supplements since this year’s FIBO. The Italian brand has now unveiled something that’s not exactly unique, but definitely an extremely creative surprise. The latest product to be confirmed by 4+ Nutrition is called Zero Syrup+, a fat, carbohydrate and calorie free syrup.

As mentioned a no calorie syrup isn’t anything new, however the macro highlights aren’t what make Zero Syrup special. 4+ Nutrition’s upcoming effort is in fact a supplement with a massive menu, as it has a total of nine different flavors. Unfortunately the brand has yet to reveal all of its tastes however it has named Peach, Strawberry, Caramel and Banana. That obviously leaves five more to be confirmed which we imagine will include more fruity recipes.

By the sounds of things 4+ Nutrition is going to be launching its Zero Syrup series very soon, as it’s hinted at releasing or at least completely unveiling the product later this week.

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