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Animal Pak Powder Review: A little more convenient and enjoyable than the pill packets

animal pak powder review

For years Animal has left its flagship formula the multi-vitamin Animal Pak untouched, making it somewhat of a legendary supplement. This year however it has decided to add to the product for the first time introducing a flavored version also going by the name Animal Pak. The spin-off vitamin was originally launched at the beginning of last month exclusively through in just the one Orange flavor. We’ve since managed to get our hands on the supplement to bring you today’s Animal Pak Powder review.

Firstly this review is entirely based on the product’s flavor nothing more, as when it comes to vitamins everybody has their own doses and ingredients they’re looking for. We’ve always liked Animal Pak as it’s just been reliable, never changed, and it’s not too expensive when you stock up through a sale. Regardless this is essentially a flavor review of Animal Pak Powder, which we actually now prefer over the pills.

Flavored multi-vitamins can be a hit or miss, however in the case of Animal’s effort the brand really nailed it. While the supplement can be a bit tangy if you mix it with too little water, it is quite the citrusy treat when you find the right concentration. The taste for us is exactly like your traditional chewable vitamin C tablet, a very sweet citrus hit. Our favorite way to take the product ended up being straight to the dome. Just add a scoop to a mouthful of water, shake it up, swallow and your done. Compared to the usual packet of pills we found it to be a whole lot easier and preferable since Animal Pak Powder is the same price as the regular Animal Pak.

A little more preferable than the pills

Basically if you’re a loyal or occasional Animal Pak user for whatever reason, you’ll want to give the powder a go. If you were afraid the flavor might be a downside, we can confirm that’s definitely not an issue. Not only has the brand packed it with all the highlights of the original, but Animal Pak Powder really does make taking the formula a whole lot easier. You may not be a straight to the dome type like us, although even if you just mix it in a cup the supplement is more convenient and enjoyable than the pills.

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