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Blackstone Labs adds DMAA to its upcoming Dust Extreme

dust extreme

Right around this time last year Blackstone Labs decided to replace its previous pre-workout Angel Dust with the slightly simpler named Dust V2. The brand made a lot of changes to the supplement for the sequel, most notably dropping AMP citrate as well as creatine and DAA (d-aspartic acid). The next Blackstone pre-workout has now been confirmed thanks to Same Day Supplements with Dust Extreme.

At the moment we don’t know a whole lot about Dust Extreme’s formula, however there is one ingredient that’s been confirmed that we feel is pretty interesting. Blackstone has decided to actually throw in 1,3 dimethylamylamine, better known as DMAA. Blackstone is also being fairly transparent with its inclusion of DMAA by listing its dose right on the label at 75mg per serving. For those of you that weren’t around a few years ago, DMAA basically changed the game when it came out by adding a whole lot of energy and focus to any pre-workout that included it.

The one last detail we have to confirm for the upcoming Dust Extreme, is that it will have at least one flavor on its menu that’s more creative than anything Dust V2 currently has. The interesting option Blackstone has put together is Sour Gummy Bear. While we won’t know how close to the real thing it is until we try it, the title alone does sound like quite the treat.

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