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Ghost Legend featuring ingredients for pump, energy and focus

ghost legend

As expected Ghost has continued unveiling supplements this week, following up its complete look at Ghost Amino with the same thing for its pre-workout Ghost Legend. Unlike Amino, Ghost’s pre-workout is a lot more transparent on its label, listing doses for its pump and performance features and putting everything else in blends. The formula is relatively packed with a total of 13 different ingredients all squeezed into a single 9g serving.

The pump and performance features in Ghost Legend are as mentioned the only transparent ingredients, however they do make up less than half the label. All together there are five with 2.5g of citrulline malate (2:1), 2g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, half a gram each of agmatine and l-citrullie, and 100mg of norvaline.

Moving on down Ghost Legend’s list you have its focus and energy ingredients, which is where the proprietary blends come in. The brand has decided to give the product two, one for focus and the other for energy. The heavier of the two proprietaries is the Smart Pre Blend weighing in at a gram and featuring taurine, alpha GPC, rhodiola, olive leaf, bacopa monnieri and NADH. Followers of the Ghost story may actually remember most of that blend from the previously unveiled Ghost Amino, as it uses all but olive leaf and NADH from that list of six.

Lastly we have Ghost Legend’s energy complex, a fairly simple combination of three stimulants including 165mg of caffeine, dicaffeine malate and rauwolfia. While we don’t yet know the exact total of caffeine in the pre-workout, we’re fairly certain the maximum amount suggested will be two scoops. That would of course double the weight of the blends as well as the transparent ingredients, bumping the likes of agmatine up to a gram and citrulline malate to 5g.

Just as we did for Ghost Amino, we have added a shot of Ghost Legend’s label down below for you to check out for yourself. You can also expect to see the brand’s pre-workout available for pre-order in exactly four days time when Ghost officially launches on June 1st.

Ghost Legend

ghost legend

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