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Glycoload coming soon from Metabolic Nutrition


It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen anything entirely new from Metabolic Nutrition, with its most recent release being the lean gainer Musclean from November of last year. A month before the it was the stimulant free pre-workout PSP. We’ve now been given a name for the brand’s next innovation which does give us an idea on what kind of supplement we’re in for.

The title of the upcoming Metabolic product is Glycoload, not to be confused with the Australian formula also named Glyco Load from UPS Protein. Based solely on its title we feel it’s safe to say Metabolic’s Glycoload is going to involve carbohydrates in some way. As for what else we don’t yet know, but being the brand that it is don’t be surprised if Metabolic has a handful of other things in the mix.

The only other details we can confirm for Glycoload at the moment are its sizes and flavors, of which there are quite a few. Metabolic fans are definitely going to have options when it comes to the presumed carbohydrate formula as two sizes have been confirmed, a 30 and a 60 serving. Each size is also expected to be available in six flavors with Blue Razz, Watermelon, Green Apple, Fruit Punch, Grape and Lemon, as well as Unflavored.

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