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Muscle Martini Natural replaces GAT’s original candy amino

muscle martini natural

GAT continues its busy streak today by following up all of its recent releases with a spin-off of one of its older supplements. The latest entry from the brand is called Muscle Martini Natural, which as you guessed it is an all natural version of its now discontinued Muscle Martini. By all natural GAT means the product is free of artificial colors, flavors and dyes.

Not only is Muscle Martini Natural an all natural version of the original, but it does have a few formula and flavor differences. Basically the brand has increased the amino acid amount for Muscle Martini Natural, giving it an 8.7g blend of aminos instead of 7. The supplement’s antioxidant and recovery blend is also said to be a bit different, however since its label has yet to be released we can’t confirm how different. Lastly Muscle Martini Natural does have a slightly smaller menu compared to the original, going with just four flavors in Peach Mango, Appletini, Mixed Berry and Watermelon.

Despite only just being introduced, GAT has already made Muscle Martini Natural available direct. Anyone interested in giving the product a go can simply head to, where you’ll find the natural amino in stock in all four of its flavors for $31.49 a tub.

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