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New Sports Series Assault a whole lot lighter than expected

Sports Series Assault

This week has mostly been rather disappointing headlines from MusclePharm, most of it surrounding the discontinuation of its Arnold Schwarzenegger Series. To finish the week off however the brand has done something that’ll make fans a little happier, and that is launch its all new pre-workout the Sports Series Assault. The supplement has in fact been released through the retail giant GNC, where we get all of its details as well as availability.

We’ll start with the label of MusclePharm’s latest pre-workout effort which is transparent but certainly not as packed as we expected. In total the new Sport Series Assault features just seven main ingredients, all being very common pre-workout features. The ingredients making up the product are 3g of creatine monohydrate, 1.75g CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1.5g betaine, 1g each of taurine and glycine, and lastly 250mg each of caffeine and acetyl-l-carnitine.

Basically MusclePharm has decided to pack its 2016 edition of Assault with a relatively small variety of features, especially when you compare it to its predecessor. We can only imagine based on the difference in formula Assault fans are in for a slightly different experience as well, although we won’t know for sure until we get our hands on it and try it for ourselves.

As mentioned the all new MusclePharm Assault is now available from GNC, however from what we can see only one flavor is listed at the moment. That one option is a 30 serving Strawberry Ice which fortunately is due to be joined by Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple at some point. As for the price on the supplement it isn’t too bad, although you may actually want to wait for another few days.

At the moment GNC has the Sport Series Assault priced at $39.99 for Gold Card members and $10 more at $49.99 for everyone else. The reason we’re saying you might want to wait is because is said to be releasing the product this coming Monday and by the sounds of things it will be at a better price. While we don’t yet know how much the store will have it for, we do know it will have an introductory 30% discount which will most likely beat GNC’s $40 a tub.

MusclePharm Sports Series Assault

Sports Series Assault

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