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Carnitine 3000 coming in three of Carnitine 1500’s flavors

pro supps carnitine 3000

Just a few days ago it was confirmed that Pro Supps is coming out with an all new carnitine supplement called Carnitine 3000. Based purely on its title we presume the product is simply going to be a more concentrated version of the brand’s similarly named Carnitine 1500. While we have still yet to get confirmation on its exact contents, today we do have a bit more information to share.

Previously we didn’t actually even know if Pro Supps Carnitine 3000 is going to be a liquid formula, like Carnitine 1500. We do no know that it is indeed coming in the same form as 1500 and is also going to be available in some of the same flavors with Blue Razz, Berry and Green Apple. The supplement is still said to be coming very soon, with some time this month said to be its launch time frame.

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