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Massive giveaway and 5 more brands confirmed for the Stack3d Pro

stack3d pro

As promised last week when we confirmed another five names for the upcoming Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo. Today we have another set of brands to reveal that’ll take the event’s list total up another five to 20. If you haven’t been following along and don’t quite know what the Stack3d Pro is, you can catch up on everything in our expo section as well as on our Stack3d Pro countdown page at

The five supplement companies being confirmed today for the first ever Stack3d Pro are Magnum Nutraceuticals, the underground brand Black Market, PNI, MuscleMeds, and the Australian company UPS Protein. Like all of the other participants due to be at the expo, those five will also be doing things like introducing new products, giving away supplements and/or running limited time sales.

As a bit of a bonus today we’d also like to confirm that Stack3d itself is also going to have a booth at the expo. We obviously won’t have any of our own supplements to unveil however we will have something equally if not even better. All we can say for now is that our booth will involve a giveaway, one that is in fact going to be our biggest ever.