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Get ready for the first ever Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo

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In just over one month’s time we’re going to be launching our first ever Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo. It is going to be a little bit different from your traditional expo as the Stack3d Pro is a 100% digital and international event. Despite not having a physical location it is going to have everything you need at an expo including giveaways, sample opportunities, new supplement unveilings and incredible limited time sales.

The days you need to mark down in your calendar are Wednesday the 22nd of June through to Friday the 24th. The Stack3d Pro is going to be a three-day event and will be accessible from anywhere in the world at So far we have well over 30 brands set to appear at the event from all over the globe, and will be naming each and every one of them leading up to the big day. Today we’re confirming just five of the supplement companies as a bit of teaser with Inspired, MAN Sports, Muscletech, EVL and Dedicated Nutrition.

For all updates and announcements related to the Stack3d Pro, simply stay tuned here. You can also bookmark the website which currently features a countdown to the 22nd of June as well as the brand’s we’ll be slowly confirming for the expo.

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