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Introducing Angry Supplements and its soon to be four product line-up

angry supplements

Today we have a new brand to introduce to you, which moving forward we will be updating you on whenever we get any news from it. While its name might suggest otherwise, Angry Supplements is pushing an “all natural and authentic sports nutrition product” line. Its current collection includes a weight loss and recovery supplement named Amino-Slim with a 7g 3-in-1 blend of BCAAs, garcinia cambogia and green coffee extract. It also has a testosterone booster dubbed Monster Test, designed to “increase stamina, strength, libido, muscle mass, mood, and pump.”

At the moment Amino-Slim and Monster Test are the only two products Angry Supplements has available, however more are on the way. The brand is already teasing two more formulas, both of which will enter it into two more mainstream categories. While they don’t have any names yet, the two coming soon are a protein powder and a pre-workout. You find out more about Angry Supplement and its two current competitors on its website, and as mentioned expect to see updates on the brand here moving forward.

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