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Latest Animal Alpha Testing Program could be for Animal Rage III

animal rage 3

To finish off the week Animal has launched another one of its Alpha Testing Programs, which is where it gives fans the chance to try a supplement before it gets released. Depending on the feedback it gets the brand may even end up changing the new product before it goes to launch. As always Animal hasn’t given a whole lot of information about the formula in its latest Alpha Testing Program, there is however one detail it’s dropped that we feel confirms the supplement or at least its category.

Like all beta testing programs, Animal’s new one lists a handful of things that if you are selected for the program you will need to do. That list includes the usual keeping of a log while using the product, write a summary once you’re finished with it, and the biggest clue “refrain from using any stimulants at least a week before testing.” For us that last requirement suggests the Animal Alpha Testing supplement is one of only a few possibilities.

Firstly the mystery product could be a new version of the brand’s fat burner Animal Cuts, as like most weight loss competitors it does use stimulants. Another supplement it could be is the caffeinated BCAA formula suspected to be named Jacked Aminos, which was originally previewed in October of last year. While that is a very likely candidate, we don’t imagine it being Jacked Aminos as we feel the brand would have just said so or included the image it previously released.

jacked aminos

The one last possibility we have for Animal’s Alpha Testing supplement is the one we believe is also most likely. With the pre-workout market as competitive as it is and the brand’s current entry almost three years old now, a sequel to Animal Rage XL could be what we’re in for. The image we’ve used at the top of this post was just made for show, but if another pre-workout is coming the unofficial name Animal Rage III is fitting as it would be the brand’s third pre-workout effort.

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we get more information on the Alpha Testing Program product, although if you actually want to be a part of the program Animal is currently taking submissions. Those interested in participating can apply in the forums by simply answering a few questions.

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