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ANS Performance possibly getting ready to unveil Carb HP

ans carb hp

Following the introduction of its two new, very different Diablo Protein flavors, Blueberry Pomegranate and Caramel Macchiato. ANS Performance has started teasing its next new supplement, which we’re fairly certain is the one we posted about a little over a month ago. All that the brand has released so far is a teaser saying the formula is endurance related and that it’s coming in a 2lb looking tub.

Based on the fact that the product is coming in a 2lb tub and that it’s an endurance formula, we feel it’s safe to say next week we’re finally going to be seeing Carb HP. That was the supplement we posted about late last month and said would be coming in a Fruit Punch flavored 3.6lb tub, which could easily squeeze into your traditional 2lb. Not only does the size of ANS Carb HP match up with what the brand is currently teasing, but its confirmation of endurance also matches up with the product being carbohydrate related.

Fortunately all of our questions will be answered in about seven days time, as ANS plans on officially unveiling what we believe has to be Carb HP sometime next week.

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