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Blackstone working on a 100% real food meal replacement formula


Compared to last year, in 2016 Blackstone Labs has been extremely busy. In April alone we saw the brand launch GlycoLog and 3-Whey, which have been closely followed by the DMAA pre-workout Dust Extreme and another flavor for 3-Whey. It also doesn’t look like Blackstone is slowing down anytime soon, as it has just confirmed another supplement it’s working on that will put it into a category it has yet to enter.

A shot of two Blackstone beta bottles has shown up that thankfully confirms what the two are in it. Both products are labeled with the exact same, presumably unofficial name, Blackstone Labs Meal Replacement/Gainer. As you can see for yourself in the image above, the reason there are two bottles is because they’re different flavors, one being the traditional Chocolate and the other Sweet Potato.

Blackstone has also attached a few words to the beta bottle preview saying that the upcoming supplement is a 100% real food formula. As with all products in testing we’re not sure how far away from release the Meal Replacement/Gainer is, although keep in mind we have still yet to see Hype V2 and that was first talked about back in January.

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