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Chocolate Cupcake Select Protein launched for 75 cents a serving

select protein

As promised PES has launched its latest flavor of Select Protein today, and as expected it has been launched direct with a couple of introductory deals. The brand has welcomed Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Select with sale on each of its sizes, the 27 serving and double size 55. Instead of being priced at $28.55 for 27 servings and $57.12 for 55, Chocolate Cupcake Select has been discounted to just $19.99 and $39.99.

There is of course a coupon code required to get the savings on the PES website, which is “CUPCAKE”. That code will also discount all four of the brand’s Superior Essentials supplements, dropping TruZMA, TruCDP, and Forskolin-95+ down to $14.99 each, and the creatine powder TruCreatine to $9.99. If you are interested in any of the deals just make sure you use the Chocolate Cupcake coupon sometime in the next three days as it expires midnight Pacific Time on Sunday.

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