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Dedicated teasing an Unstoppable stackable pre-workout

dedicated nutrition

Dedicated Nutrition has joined the list of brands planning on unveiling an entirely new product at our upcoming Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo. A blurred teaser image of the product itself has been released, which doesn’t confirm its name but does include its category and form. The mystery Dedicated supplement is in fact another pre-workout powder that will be stackable with the brand’s #1 rated stimulant pre-workout Unstoppable.

Since we know it’s stackable with Unstoppable, we can assume the product Dedicated is getting ready to unveil is a stimulant free pre-workout. In the teaser of the supplement you can also see the effects it plans on delivering without any stimulants which are performance, strength, focus, and pump. Strangely enough those are all things Dedicated’s Unstoppable has at extremely good amounts, so we’re definitely excited to see how this one turns out knowing the brand can more than deliver on its promises.

For more teasers on the upcoming Dedicated product be sure to stay tuned as we could be getting a few more details between now and its official unveiling at the Stack3d Pro. Either way in less than four days time we will be finding out exactly what the supplement is.

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