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At least two more flavors on the way for Diablo Protein

diablo protein

While ANS Performance officially unveiled Diablo Protein well over five months ago in January, it wasn’t actually released until just after the Arnold in March. Despite only being three months old the brand has decided it’s already time to add to the supplement’s menu. Since it was introduced Diablo Protein has been available in just two tastes, the common protein flavors Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Sometime in the near future ANS will be adding at least two more options to Diablo Protein. The reason we’re saying the product is getting at least two more is because the brand has only said it has more “flavors” coming soon, without mentioning what any of the flavors are or exactly how many there will be. Its use of the word “flavors” is what confirms two or more, all of which will probably be slowly revealed knowing ANS.

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