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Frosted Chocolate Cupcake will be replacing Select’s Milk Chocolate

frosted chocolate cupcake select

A few weeks ago an all new flavor for the delicious protein powder PES Select was confirmed. The name we posted was another chocolate effort for the supplement with Chocolate Cupcake. As we continue to wait for the flavor to arrive via another one of the brand’s awesome insider releases, a couple more details on Chocolate Cupcake have come in that PES fans will want to hear.

Firstly the official title of the upcoming flavor has been revealed, which is just one more word on top of what we previously posted with Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Select. The one other detail we have is that the flavor is actually a replacement for a current option. Whenever PES plans on launching Frosted Chocolate Cupcake it will in fact be taking over Milk Chocolate’s position as the main chocolate Select flavor.

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