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Three flavors confirmed for Ghost’s upcoming protein powder

ghost whey

Ghost fans waiting on the very new brand’s third supplement, still have a while to wait before its protein powder Ghost Whey gets here. Fortunately it has dropped a few more details to keep everyone interested including size, flavors, and possible price. For those that missed our last post on the protein we were able to confirm its nutritional information which included 25g of protein from whey isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate, a gram of fat, 5g of carbohydrates, and 130 calories.

To start the list of new details we have today, Ghost Whey is as expected a 2lb protein powder with a total of 26 servings per tub. We don’t know if that number will vary from flavor to flavor, however that is the number of servings in the product’s Cereal Milk option. As for how many flavors Ghost Whey is actually going to have on its menu there is the aforementioned Cereal Milk, as well as the other creative effort Cookie Butter and Milk Chocolate.

Last but not least we have Ghost’s price on its protein competitor which is going to be $39.99 direct. If you head to the brand’s website right now you can see that value listed on its coming soon Ghost Whey page, which is also where you can see further confirmation of the flavors Cereal Milk and Milk Chocolate.

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