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Grape Carnigen and Blue Raspberry AminoJect confirmed

grape carnigen

The last time we heard from Hany Rambod’s supplement company Evogen, was a few months ago in February when the brand unveiled its limited edition St. Patrick’s Day tee. Before then we had actually only heard from Evogen once in half a year when it confirmed Raspberry Lemonade for AminoJect. The brand has now popped up once again with confirmation of more new flavors, although this time it involves two different products.

The two supplements Evogen has put together new options for are its carnitine formula Carnigen, and amino cocktail AminoJect. At the moment the former can be found in just two tastes with Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon, and the latter in three with Cherry Limeade, Raspberry Lemonade, and Watermelon. We’ve now got word that the Carnigen menu is soon going to be joined by a third in Grape, and to make it four for AminoJect Evogen has Blue Raspberry.

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