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Hydroxycut Elite Sport combines half of Next Gen with a neurosensory blend

hydroxycut elite sport

Earlier this year at the FIBO expo in Cologne Germany, we spotted an all new Muscletech fat burner named Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Sport. Based on it being pictured alongside Anarchy Next Gen and the multi-vitamin Multi-Sport, two European only supplements, we figured Hydroxycut Elite Sport would also be a European exclusive. As it turns out that Hydroxycut spin-off has now shown up in the US, revealing exactly what it is and what separates it from Muscletech’s other Hydroxycuts.

From what we can tell based on the label of the new Hydroxycut Elite Sport, the product is somewhat of a focus infused version of Hydroxycut Next Gen. In total Elite Sport has eight ingredients, four of which are from Next Gen. The features it has in common are green coffee bean, caffeine, ophiopogon, and yohimbe. Each supplement does have different doses of the four, with Hydroxycut Elite Sport looking like the less stimulating version with lower amounts of caffeine and yohimbe.

As for the rest of Muscletech’s new weight loss competitor, you have four more ingredients all of which are packed into the product’s Neurosensory matrix. The four are 100mg of gotu kola extract, 50mg theanine, 40mg perilla extract, and 20mg of grains of paradise.

Anyone interested in seeing a little more on Hydroxycut Elite Sport, you can head to as the supplement is now being displayed on there under the brand’s Performance Series. It also says there that you’ll soon be able to purchase fat burner at the major Muscletech retailers, Walmart, Target, and

Muscletech Hydroxycut Elite Sport

hydroxycut elite sport

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