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Blackstone Labs going with Hype Extreme instead of Hype V2

hype extreme

A follow up to Blackstone Labs’ pump pre-workout Hype has been talked about since the start of this year. Back then the brand said it was working on a supplement unofficially titled Hype V2, however since that time we haven’t heard anything more about the sequel. Today Blackstone has finally posted an update explaining what’s been happening and revealed somewhat of a surprise.

Basically Blackstone ran into a few formulation issues with Hype V2, although fortunately in the background the brand’s formulator the Guerilla Chemist ha been putting together a little something else. By the sounds of things Blackstone has decided to drop Hype V2 and go with the Guerilla Chemist’s secret supplement named Hype Extreme.

As its name suggests, Hype Extreme was originally designed to be stacked with the brand’s recently released DMAA pre-workout, Dust Extreme. Based on that it’d be good to assume Hype Extreme is a much more intense version of what Hype V2 was going to be, much like the difference between Dust V2 and Dust Extreme.

We obviously can’t confirm exactly how goood Hype Extreme looks just yet, as nothing has been revealed formula wise. Although now that it’s been named we’ll hopefully be seeing a lot more of it soon, especially since Hype V2 was originally confirmed over five months ago.

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