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Updated Core PWO will feature a “special ingredient”

core pwo

Since the start of the year Core Nutritionals has been bringing it when it comes to new supplements. We’ve seen the sleep aid Core Zzz, the gainer Core Grow, and even got word of more new products such as a flavored Core Flex, and the exciting return of Core Zap. We can now add another name to Core’s list of coming soon supplements, as it has confirmed that a reformulated Core PWO is in the works.

At the moment the brand has only revealed a handful of details, which do suggest it has changed the product a fair bit. Firstly it’s said the updated Core PWO will have a new “special ingredient” and that it will also be introduced in a much larger tub size for more servings. Instead of weighing in at around 2.7lbs, Core PWO is going to be bumped up to 4.2 to 4.4lbs.

With the post-workout’s increase in size will also come an increase in price, which is expected to push it up to around $64.99. Last but not least is the new Core PWO menu, as instead of coming in just the one Chocolate flavor, Core has confirmed three options in Peanut Butter Toffee, Vanilla Cake, and a carried over Chocolate.

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