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Muscletech’s 10lb Nitro-Tech finally shows up and will save you 25%

nitro-tech 10lb

Ever since last year’s Olympia Expo in September when we saw a bigger, bagged version of Muscletech’s long standing protein powder Nitro-Tech. We’ve been waiting for that larger option to show up in major retailers, mostly because we were never told what its exact size is. Finally after well over half a year the Nitro-Tech bag has hit one of the bigger stores confirming its size and cost-effectiveness.

The retailer that’s shown up with the largest size of Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech is none other than GNC. The exact weight of the supplement also actually explains just how much you’re going to save with it, as it’s a 10lb advertised as 8lbs with 25% free. As you’d imagine the cost of the Nitro-Tech is exactly twice the price of a 4lb, so at GNC at least you are getting the 25% free as the product promotes.

The total cost of the 10lb Nitro-Tech is $154.99 for Gold Card members and $187.99 for everyone else. At the moment GNC does only have the supplement available in the one Milk Chocolate flavor, however Muscletech has put together two tastes for it with the one missing being Vanilla.

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