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Alphamine reformulated for launch of its three new flavors


PES has just dropped its latest insider offer which involves the three products we named roughly 24 hours ago. For those that missed our post, yesterday three new flavors for the brand’s fat burner Alphamine were confirmed with Iced Tea, Sunrise, and Cotton Candy. All of those can now be picked up direct from PES, although there is a little more to the brand’s latest launch.

To go with the introduction of more flavors of Alphamine, PES has also reformulated the supplement. Reformulations don’t usually involve too much, however on this occasion the product has received quite a few changes. The 2016 edition of Alphamine is a six ingredient formula, which holds on to a couple of features from its predecessor as well as drops and introduces a handful of others.

The ingredients making up the reformulated Alphamine are leucine, carnitine-l-tartrate, choline bitartrate, theanine, ferula asafoetida and of course caffeine anhydrous. Everything except for the 125mg of caffeine is wrapped up in a proprietary blend weighing in at 1.59g per serving. The supplement is now being promoted more for its energy, something that you can see for yourself on its updated page on the brand’s website.

The introductory deal on the new PES Alphamine is 30% off its regular price of $34.27, which takes it down to just $23.99 for an 84 serving tub. To get the discount all you have to do is enter the coupon “INSIDER” at checkout on It’s also worth mentioning that code does work sitewide dropping the likes of Amino IV and Ergonine down to only $19.99.

PES Alphamine (2016 version)


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